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Roasted Coffee

Sumatra Aceh Gold

Sumatra Aceh Gold

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Classic Sumatran coffee is processed by washing the pulp off and letting it ferment. But this is a rare Sumatran coffee that has been processed with the washed method and taken to a mill instead of fermenting. Furthermore, this estate is owned by La Minita, and they meticulously sort out the defects of their crop and sell it under the Aceh Gold brand name. 

There is no earthiness or dirty taste in this Indonesian bean.  It is a light to medium roast, with potent aroma, acidity, creamy mouthfeel almost like butterscotch, a clean aftertaste, and an overall sweetness. It is amazing what the processing of a coffeebean can do to the way it tastes, and this coffee is phenomenal!  We are all hooked on it at the shop. There's really no other coffee quite like this.

Sumatra Aceh Gold Tasting Notes: Cedar Aroma, Grapefruit, Clarity of flavor, Juicy Acidity

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