Kenya Ngararia AA

This coffee was grown by the Ngararia Farmer's Co-op in the Muranga growing region. It was formed as a co-op for famers who own less than an acre of farmland but wanted an avenue to sell their coffee on the broad market. Approximately 700 farmers particpate in the co-op.

In the local language of kikiyuyu, Ngararia means 'someone who does not conform to the norm'. 

This one has almost a cranberry wine like character to it and general citrus flavor, I caught an aroma of lime and grapefruit but it came through in the coffee for me as more like orange. Crisp and clean and a lingering finish.  These are the large AA size beans -- sorted very well and roasts consistently. 

I'm roasting it maybe 20 seconds past 1st cracks on a drum roaster. 403 degrees bean temp on our readout. It grabs your attention the whole way through the mug.

You lose complexity and pick up bitterness as a medium roast, but it does hold up adequately as a dark roast, I would give it 15 seconds into the rolling 2nd cracks for a sweet french roast with hints of winey and fruit in the background.

US Arrival November 2022