Hario Hand Grinder Skerton Pro

Hario Hand Grinder Skerton Pro

A portable, lightweight hand grinder that does a great job at a low pricepoint.

The "Pro" model is the new, improved model of the Hario Skerton Plus. It comes with a "Burr Stabilizer" which fixes the issue of uneven grind, especially on coarse settings. It also comes with a silicon boot to keep the grinder from sliding around on the counter or you can thread it into a mason jar.

Granted, a hand grinder can wear you out. If you have to grind more than a pot of coffee at a time, it may not be the best choice. It takes a few minutes of grinding just to get enough grounds to make one pot. And even with the burr stabilizer, the burrs here won't be perfect. It works okay for a French Press and fantastic for a Pourover or an electric drip maker, and it takes a little more effort, but you can grind fine enough for an aeropress with nice consistency of grind.

But there are many reasons to consider this hand grinder.

--Pricepoint. For a third of the cost of a Baratza Encore, you get a great coffee grinder!

--Noise. Without the electric motor you are much less likely to wake up the household.

--Footprint. Takes up very little space on your counter, and is so lightweight you can even keep it in a drawer or cupboard when you aren't using it.

--Portability. Since it doesn't need electricity, feel free to take it on the road, keep it at the campsite, at your work desk, or save it for emergency power outages. (since the holding carafe is made of glass, do pack it well if you travel with it)