Guatemala Atitlan

Guatemala Atitlan

Atitlan is a lake in south central Guatemala in the Huehuetenango region. It is surrounded by volcanoes and mountains and produces some of the most interesting and flavorful coffee in the country.

This one is from a large co-op La Vaz which might be the best known of the various co-ops in Atitlan.

It tastes like dark chocolate with some nuts. Not much acidity -- very smooth. Caramel aroma. Nice thick mouthfeel. Lingering aftertaste and some earthiness. The earthiness is what turns me off from this one, but it can make awesome blends. We are pairing it with Sumatra for a chocolatey full bodied coffee. We are pairing it with Colombia for a sweeter chocolate medium roast.

It was a great price because it's nearing the end of its shelf life. New Guatemala coffees will hit the USA as early as April, so this one is nearing "past crop" status. To roast it, we are doing a Full City+ (just one or two snaps of the 2nd cracks) in order to maximize the chocolate notes. You can take it darker than that, but it does start to pick up bitterness.

USA Arrival May 2019

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