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Ethiopia Arsi Natural

Ethiopia Arsi Natural

Arsi is a fairly recent distinction of coffee growing region, and this is the first Arsi coffee we've stocked. It's close to the Sidamo district which has certainly produced some past favorites.
The farm is owned and managed by Ibrahim Jeilan who was born into coffee, His family had a farm in Sidamo, and Ibrahim would help his family move coffee from their home to market on shoulder and on horseback, This built up his physical endurance by continual travel on foot, from market to market trading coffee.  He ended up competing in long distance running events, and won a world championship in the 10,000 meters. After much success around the world, Ibrahim once again returned to Ethiopia to grow and sell coffee.

This is a natural processed coffee and should be roasted lightly, with lots of airflow.  Roughly 20 seconds after the 1st cracks have stopped is our sweet spot.  We are tasting strawberry, cherry, and citrus.

US Arrival December 2022

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