drink coffee. be happy.

Archive : 2016-06

love in the air

we like to think that our positive energy goes into the coffee beans as we lovingly roast and package them. probably my imagination, but it seems like if i’m upset, all of the coffee tastes sour and bitter, but when i’m excited, the coffee has an extra sparkle to it.
all that to say, our head roaster jason is getting married next weekend. so if you notice the coffee tasting extra special for the next few weeks, it might be because love is in the air.

summer help

we are borrowing a barista for the summer. emmett is from chicago and has been passionately expanding his knowledge of coffee for several years. we caught up with him at coffeefest in nyc this spring; but previously he studied abroad in costa rica where he lived on a coffee estate, and he has also visited coffee farms in hawaii. now he is tackling courses and special projects involving environmental sustainability and conservation as a full time college student at allegheny college in meadville, pa.
we are happy to have emmett help us out this summer. we will be able to show him the process of purchasing green coffee, roasting, and blending. he is going to teach us about cold-brew, espresso machine repair, and how to fine-tune our brewing methods.