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Archive : 2015-11

coffee deprivation

i walk into the new space this morning and my helper hands me a cup of coffee.  he has found the box with the electric water kettle, unpacked a french press, plugged in a grinder, found some leftover sumatran beans.  i take a sip of coffee for the first time since thursday.  i can’t stop smiling.  this is going to be a good day.

progress report.  things are in high gear.  new roaster arrived, pallet racking is up, packaging stations are built, everything has moved into place, electric is hooked up, internet and computers and printers are running.  plumbing got behind schedule, and we hit a snag with hooking up gas and letting out the exhaust.  hopefully those projects will be completed monday and we will be back in business.

moving day

the plumber, electrician, and roofer are lined up.  we have been letting inventory dwindle and have been working feverishly to prepare the new space for our impending move.  on thursday morning, the roaster will be disconnected.  we will move it over to the new space and also receive delivery of the newly built roaster from oklahoma.  we will probably be out of service for a few days while we get everything hooked back up and get permission from the health department to get running again.  next week marks our 5th year anniversary.  thank you so much for your support.  in our new space, with two roasters, we will be able to continue providing you with great coffee, with fast turnaround time, while keeping our overhead low and our prices reasonable.  here’s to 5 more years of drinking great coffee and supporting great causes.

if you’d like to visit us when the dust settles (or if you owe us money and want to send us a check), you’ll now reach us at the following address:

happy mug coffee
lakeside commons
220 w plum st suite 750
edinboro, pa 16412