drink coffee. be happy.

Archive : 2014-01

cleaning day

roasting coffee beans creates smoke. the smoke is pushed up the exhaust pipe. the pipe is left with deposits of creosote.   creosote is flammable, so buildup becomes a fire hazard.  we have 25 feet of pipe, so once a year we get up on the roof, unassemble the exhaust system, and brush it clean.

one peer in the industry told us that we could just light it on fire at the bottom to create a controlled fire all the way up the pipe.  but we choose to do it the old fashioned way and not play with fire.


in the coffeeshop

a red fire extinguisher hangs under a red picture of a fire extinguisher.
a poster shows how to choke, how to unchoke.
a man in a hat enters the room, fills his mug, takes a sip, smiles.
looking around the room, nothing is on fire;
no one is choking.
he takes another sip and steps back out into the world.