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there can be as much as 6-8 weeks of lag-time from the time i lock in a great coffee, to when it actually arrives. so for 6-8 weeks, i am the only one who has tasted it and knows how good it is going to be, and all i can do is be patient until it arrives so i can share it with everyone else. usually, i’m good at being patient, but i tell you what, there are some unbelievable coffees from costa rica and honduras and ethopia lined up for the june timeframe. i am so excited about them i just can’t keep it to myself.
this is going to be one happy summer.
(while you wait, i might suggest the current stock of sulawesi and tanzania and yemen are exceptionally good)

Palmiero Toyota Open House Event

Nice table set up for the event. People are lingering around drinking coffee, talking, everything looks nice.

What they don’t know is that we forgot to bring a way to display our sign. So Mr. Mug volunteers to hold it up all night.

At the end of the event, he is rewarded with a mugfull of Rita’s Mango WaterIce

Edinboro PA

Edinboro PA

happy mug coffee is now warehousing, roasting, and shipping out of edinboro, pa  10 miles south of erie.

at this time, we ship green coffee all over the united states, and roast for local businesses in erie, meadville, corry, warren, tidioute, tionesta, and oil city, among others.

if you would like a tour of our new facility, let us know!  with our expansion, we now have over 40 coffees and 30 teas in stock, and the motto here is you can’t leave until you’re shaking!  nah, even if you don’t drink coffee, you’re welcome to come have a look.  just let us know.  contact information is listed in the photo above.

“coffee stones” jar

“coffee stones” jar

after being picked, coffee is spread out to dry, either in a drying bed, or in some cases, a backyard patio or even along the side of the road.
so you can see how a pebble could get mixed into the coffee. as could little pieces of metal, nut shells, popcorn kernels, feathers, kidney beans, sticks…
any debris that is flammable incinerates in the roaster and is blown out the exhaust. but after the roast, the coffee is dark brown and the stones are gray, so they’re easy to pick out.