drink coffee. be happy.

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italian roast

italian roast

the coffee bites my tongue,
snapping me out of my groggy
daydream. it is my medicine, my
cure for apathy, lethargy, and
with every sip of this dark,
smarting coffee, i get
more restless.

it’s time to go to work. to
help someone. to live, and
with a bitter taste in my mouth, i
jump up, begin to change my clothes.

tonight, i’ll discover a half-full
mug of cold coffee sitting
next to the couch.

Italian Roast is the darkest coffee we’ve ever sold. It launches next week on a trial basis –
find it at Wellness Cafe in Warren, Polly’s Market in Tidioute, and the Markethouse in Meadville.
If you like it, let us know!

compostable bags

compostable bags

last summer a customer mailed me a bio-degradable compostable coffee bag. i was skeptical, but i tossed it in my compost barrel to see what would happen. three months later there was no sign of it — it had turned back into soil…

so now i’m happy to announce that all the brown colored bags with happy mug coffee in them are made from 40% recycled paper and annually renewable plants, and when it is empty, please remember to compost it and start the cycle all over again. just remove the metal tin-tie from the bag, and peel off the labels. at this time the glue and ink used on the label are not bio-degradable.


when the hardware store in town closed down last year, we lost our ups dropoff center.  the post office has been most accommodating, and most days i just drive around to the back of the post office and unload all the packages on the dock.  a lot of the boxes are very heavy and i feel bad about the mail deliverers who are stuck trying to cram a 40 pound box into a mailbox (okay, so maybe they don’t try, but there are times where it appears they have run over the box trying to squish it down to make it fit).  at any rate, once in awhile i do use ups, but i have to stake him out and catch him.  when i see the big brown truck coming over the bridge, i run downstairs and follow him around town.  usually i catch him at the community housing a block away and throw my boxes in his truck while he’s inside.  today, i saw the truck, but he was crossing the bridge leaving town.  i ran downstairs and jumped in the element and raced across the bridge, and raced down the road hoping to see taillights.  unfortunately, another car was ahead of me and not in any hurry this afternoon, and after a few minutes i aborted the mission and came back home, dejected that the coffee would sit here all night and day until tomorrow afternoon.

tomorrow afternoon: i will catch that ups truck.