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Roasted Coffee

Ethiopia Dumerso Natural

Ethiopia Dumerso Natural

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Ethiopian coffee is famous around the world. This natural process coffee has the in-your-face berry fruity Ethiopia flavor that we crave, and it's really refreshing. We particularly enjoy it when we do a Japanese style iced pourover, with its beautiful clarity of flavor and satisfying aftertaste.

This Yirgacheffe comes from the Dumerso processing station and has Fair Trade and Organic certification. Individual residents in the surrounding village grew this coffee and pooled it together and sold it through the washing station since each farmer on their own didn't have enough volume to export and command higher prices that the international market will pay. 

Look for a powerful blackberry taste, sweetness, slight chocolate, some tart fruit at the finish.

Ethiopia Yirgaheffe Dumerso Natural Process: Blackberry, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Hibiscus