Grapefruit Oolong

Grapefruit Oolong

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Oolongs aren't oxidized enough to be called black tea, but they are too far oxidized to be called a green tea.

There are "light" and "dark" oolongs, and this is a "dark" oolong in the taiwan style known as "Formosa" which is a sweet, fruity, smooth tasting tea with large twisted leaves.

However, it is the grapefruit addition to this tea that steals the show. The first thing you notice is the umistakable grapefruit aroma and citrus peels amongst the tea leaves. Upon steeping, the grapefruit juice aroma is invigorating and inviting, and sets the mood. Upon tasting, the grapefruit is less pronounced, and there are some flashes of sour (in a pleasant way!) but flavors of peach and orange are seemingly present as well. The oolong takes a backseat, but if you are familiar with Formosa oolong, you realize that some of the sweet, floral, and fruity flavors you are experiencing are coutesy of the tea base.

This is a fantastic breakfast tea, but also enjoyable throughout the day because grapefruit has an invigorating energy that keeps you alert and motivated.

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals, Grapefruit Flavor

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit Aroma, Gentle, Soft mouthfeel, No bitterness, Peach, Orange

Steep: 1 Tbsp of tea for 10-12 oz water. Water temperature: 195. Steep time: 4 Minutes

The tea leaves are good for multiple steepings but offer a less pronounced flavor with each steeping.

Iced: 3 Tbsp of tea and 2 Tbsp of sugar for 32 ounce of 195 degree water. 5 minutes. Then chill.

Sweetener: Optional

Approximately 18 Tbsp in a 2 ounce package.