Sumatra Lintong Tano Batak

Sumatra Lintong Tano Batak

This is one of the high-end fancy Sumatrans which used to be very uncommon but in recent years are becoming more accessible and finding a bigger market.  This lot is of highest quality and was sorted three times (Triple Picked Sumatrans are generally less earthy) and it is specifically grown in the northern part of the island around Lake Toba.  It's a relationship coffee -- the importer personally works with the farmers who process it in small batches following specific instructions and then are highly rewarded for their harvest.  

Surprisingly, this is an Indonesian coffee that you can also roast lighter than normal. It has a surprising amount of fruit for an Indonesian bean. One of the sweetest Indonesian coffees you will ever come across. I personally take it about 15 seconds into 2nd cracks.  This is where I find the nicest balance of body and flavor and acidity and sweetness. There's some citrus and pineapple, tobacco, a little earthiness, some foresty notes. 

But because it is Sumatra coffee, you have to try roasting it dark as well.  Don't overdo it -- maybe about 40 seconds into the 2nd cracks.  Smoky, citrus, tobacco, clean, full bodied, beautiful aroma, warms you up, satisfies.  Really nice Sumatra dark roast.

But if you have an espresso machine, that's the best option of all. Just barely into 2nd cracks, throw it in the espresso machine and get full bodied sweetness, exotic fruits, no bitterness, great aroma, fruity aftertaste. Even though it has some bright flavors, it's a mellow espresso. It doesn't shock you too badly.

Sumatra coffee is inherently one of the easiest to roast. It is very forgiving and has so much body that you get a decent mug no matter what you do to it. If you want more fruit, keep it to more of a medium roast.  If you want a sweet flavorful dark roast, let it go dark.  This is a Sumatra bean that is showing off.

US Arrival: June 2020

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