Brazil Sitio Posses

Brazil Sitio Posses

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A microlot is a small percentage of a crop, sorted out of as being the very best quality of the entire harvest. In this case, the Posses Estate in the Minas Gerais region sorted out these Brazilian beans as being the best of the best. And indeed, they are very impressive.

They are one of the only Brazilian beans we've ever enjoyed as straight-up coffee. They have a reasonably good mouthfeel, a nutty flavor, cocoa, toffee, overall pleasant mug of coffee.

But as espresso? It's incredible. It has all the components of a perfect espresso blend, without being a blend. Slight fruitiness, sweetness, lots of crema, caramel and vanilla and cocoa notes, good mouthfeel, lingering aftertaste (after you swallow, you still taste it all the way up your sinus cavity for several moments).

Try it as a straight shot or a macchiato, and if you don't have an espresso machine, enjoy it in an aeropress or mokka pot!

Brazil Minas Gerais Sitio Posses: Blackberry, Caramel, Vanilla, Creamy

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