meet me in the middle

ask anyone who's changed the world.
you've got to be bold. it''s not
about who likes you or who tries
to stop you. it's not about how many
friends you make or how happy you are.
you believe in a principle and a vision,
and you go all in.

we've got farms experimenting with new
processes and hybrids, and then sharing research
and donating seedlings to surrounding
farmers. we've got co-ops using proceeds to
build schools, roads, water filtration,
infrastructure. we've got importers who ask the
farmers what they need and want, and they
let the farmer set the price.

these are passionate people, eccentric people,
humans with love, curiosity, and ethics.

we've got so many local charities wanting to do
fundraisers with us that we have a waiting list.

we've got employees with kids, pets, visions.

we have customers in every nook and cranny.
we send coffee to military bases all over the world.
we send coffee to nurses, authors, students, teachers.
youtube, nintendo, tesla, so many small businesses too.

you send us encouraging notes on an hourly basis, and
it makes us so grateful to be in the middle of it all.

the amazing people growing it and processing it.
the amazing people buying it from us and being more productive.
we get to see both sides of the supply chain and
it's a wonderful place being in the middle watching you all
make the world a better place.

please keep doing what you're doing. be bold. be passionate.
don't give up the ship.


  • So delighted to have found you, my coffee journey is in its infancy learning more each day. Cant wait to try new selections from you. Thanks for your efforts, truly appreciated!

    Scott M
  • You guys are the best. Thank you for continuing to keep your vision!

  • thank you for everything that you do.

    ji ko

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