Fellow Grinder

We got to use the Fellow branded Ode Grinder when we were at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston last month. It's such a great design. The grinder is incredibly quiet (about the decibels of an air conditioner), very low mess, only 4 and 1/2 inches across and 9 inches tall, super easy to dial in to your perfect grind, very consistent in its grind (meaning not too many really fine or really coarse particles mixed in), 1 year warranty, sleek black beautiful grinder on your counter.

So we got in a pallet of them. We aren't allowed to sell them for less than $299, and no one else is either. But if you get it from us, we throw in a couple bags of coffee, free shipping, and no tax unless you're from Pennsylvania.

That's so much money for a grinder, even one that is perfect and built to last a really long time. But if you really want one and you can't afford that, send us a sob story and maybe we can work something out.


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