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i know it's immature to gloat, and I don't know the whole situation of the customer's mental health at the time, and I really should just let it go....but he DID say the ball was in my court, so I took the ball and made the shot. his bank was like, "i don't know what's wrong with him, we are really sorry," and they gave us back his money (yes, despite his bizarre comment of there not being a bank, there IS a bank)... i'm not a dramatic guy, but this is popcorn worthy. the drama of a guy trying to steal from us and then pretending to be a "good guy who does the right thing" and saying it's our fault that he's doing the wrong thing, and then his bank being like, "dude, don't steal from people, we aren't going to let you do that." it's awfully satisfying.

"friendly fraud" (when dishonest consumers try to get out of paying for their legitimate credit card purchases) hit 130 billion dollars in 2020. it is something we deal with constantly. we subscribe to fraud alerts to help us cancel orders from known problem customers, and we fight back hard when it happens to us.

the reason we fight back against customers who steal from us is so that we can keep our prices low for our good customers. it's just the fair and right thing to do. it's the same reason that we fight back when companies try to overcharge us and why we don't waste paper towels and why we re-use shipping boxes and don't spend money on advertising. if you have a good company with a good product at a good price, you don't have to advertise. people will find you. it's why we negotiate killer rent terms and shipping rates. all of our efforts to save money is so that we can offer amazing coffees at affordable prices to anyone who wants it.

my number one priority is to take care of my employees. my number two priority is to take care of the farmers who grow our coffee. my number three priority is to take care of our customers who want to support responsible coffee. you pay our bills and give us the opportunity to be in the coffee business at all. but dude, if you're gonna try to steal from us, good luck. if you're generally gonna be a jerk, be insulting, be a bad human, you just honestly don't belong in the specialty coffee community. we're in this together, and being a jerk to others is not what this is about. 

don't steal from us. we don't like it very much.

(one down, two to go...)


Tue, Jan 5, 9:42 AM

Hi Michael,
We received notice that you are trying to do a chargeback on this order and we are really confused why you would do that. We weren't sure if you are just trying to steal from us or if something else is going on here. The package is showing as delivered on Saturday. Did you not get it? If you didn't get it, we can get the GPS Geolocation of where it was delivered and file an insurance claim on misdelivery. That's why packages are insured. You should ALWAYS attempt an insurance claim on a misdelivered package before a chargeback.
We are going to do our best to fight back on our end because unless you have any other information that we don't know about, it appears that you're just trying to steal from us, so we are going to alert the credit card company that you are attempting fraud, and we are also going to flag your address and card in our anti-fraud app that Shopify uses across the internet to try to protect its merchants.
If there's some other explanation, please let us know before we do this.
drink coffee. be happy.
Tue, Jan 5, 2:00 PM
Wow... I'm really disappointed by your conclusion that I'm trying to defraud you, or steal from you, over $46 worth of coffee beans.  The tone of your note is condescending and frankly offensive.  I strongly recommend you have someone with some sense of customer engagement skills write your letters next time.  You don't know me at all, yet called me a thief (twice...).
Those who know me would say I'm generally a decent guy who does the right thing.  After the insinuations in your ridiculous note and calling me a thief twice, you can come get my money or dig your coffee out of my trash.  
The ball is in your court.  I couldn't care less about Shopify. 
Mike Sims
Jan 5, 2021, 2:17 PM
Well if you receive an order and then decide not to pay for it, you are, by every definition, a thief, particularly since you did not ask to negotiate anything. Everything you did in this situation was illegal. 
I will be forwarding your admittance of guilt to the bank. Hopefully they will not let you get away with it.
We are extremely nice, generous, and bend over backwards for customers. But I do hate someone who steals. 
drink coffee. be happy. 
Jan 5, 2021, 3:58 PM
Stop threatening me and calling me a thief.  I tried contacting you on Christmas and you did not reply.  You had another chance this morning to send me a nice note asking what was going on, but instead you chose to call me a thief and accuse me of fraud.
You have completely mishandled this and had two opportunities to do the right thing. You also have completely overlooked that I am a prior customer with no problems.
There is no "bank" involved, so again, the ball is in your court. I do hate Companies managed by incompetency and indecency.
Mike Sims

March 21, 2021
The customer’s bank reviewed the chargeback response and has sided with you. $61.00 will be returned to you in your next payout.
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  • They need to make a movie about your company. This is too good,no one does this! Things like this is why you are so successful.

    Donald K.

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