C'mon guys. We love our customers. That's why we work so hard and go to extremes to keep prices rock bottom and work efficiently and do whatever it takes to get orders out correctly and on time. We love you, we love our farmers, we love coffee in general. And obviously we aren't perfect,and sometimes even when we are perfect, other things out of our control go wrong, and sure, we will help you out and make it right. It's part of the territory.

A customer freaked out last night because he found a pinhole in his bag of Ethiopia. It was roasted literally three days ago and landed at his door. It's almost still too fresh to drink but he declared it undrinkable because of the pinhole. We said, nah, keep it real. Drink it. Enjoy it. It's an incredible coffee with such a journey to get here every year and its so fresh it hasn't even hit its peak of flavor yet. It's going to taste more and more like blueberries for the next month! He sent a picture of a dark oily coffee in a dish pretending it was the Ethiopia coffee that had somehow turned dark and oily from a pinhole in the bag. C'mon, this is what we do for a living -- do you really think you're going to fool us into thinking coffee somehow turned five shades darker and got oily. We assured him that we have security cameras and can verify if a mistake had been made (it hadn't been) and if he had really gotten a dark oily coffee, then so did 50 to 80 other people (they didn't); but if he really wanted to return our real coffee, here's a prepaid mailing label to send our real coffee back. Instead he sent back (in a generic freezer bag), some very stale, very overroasted coffee that had a hint of lemon flavor, no bloom whatsoever, smelled about 4 months old, 100% for sure wasn't a coffee that had even been through our shop before, and it sure wasn't a coffee that had been roasted less than a week earlier, and THEN put a chargeback against us on his credit card to steal from us even though he kept our Ethiopia coffee and drank it all up (Who would do that? Has COVID given you a mental breakdown?? You seem like a smart dude, but why would you return a stale coffee from a different company and lie to us about it and steal from us?) Drinking the stale Ethiopia was educational for the staff. Most of them had never had such a poorly roasted coffee and they had so many questions (why doesn't it have any flavor or aftertaste? why does it smell like wax? why isn't it bubbling up? what's wrong with it?) When OUR Ethiopia came in, we roasted it all night (tasting every single batch, only sending it out if it was perfect), we filled orders the next morning; and we were so excited to get it out to everyone. It's so delicious and magical and then it takes this one guy to kill the whole vibe and steal from us. All because he was upset about a pinhole in his bag. Don't make me lose faith in humanity. Cmon Robert Scharp of 166 N BEECH ST MASSAPEQUA, NY. Grow up. Don't lie about dumb stuff. Don't cheat people. I know you got mad about a pinhole, but what you did was really low. Choose your fights better. Get some help. Lying and stealing is no way to live. You're a black shadow on what the coffee community stands for. Ha, he tried to order again like nothing had happened, but we cancelled his order. Seriously? You don't lie and steal from a company and then keep ordering from them. Get a therapist. Get some morals. Become a better human. Banned for life. 

Another girl in December, Jessica Williamson of DELTONA FL 32725 just flat out stole from us as well. She tried to say that 5 pounds out of her 20 pounds of unroasted coffee looked crushed and she wanted her money back but when we asked for a picture so we could file a damage claim and refund her she was unable to provide a picture of the alleged damage. When we asked her to return the product for a refund, she wouldn't return it to us. Instead she did a chargeback for the entire $130 order, even though only $25 of the order was allegedly damaged. Why are you stealing from people jessicarushing82 ? We make maybe $15 on an order like that. How do you act like that? This is the opposite of what our company is trying to encourage. We want to HELP people, SUPPORT and EMPOWER, we want to even out the playing field. Don't lie! Don't steal from people who are helping you! Don't steal from businesses like us! We are on your side! We are the good guys, keeping things fair, keeping it real.

You all aren't going to like what the coffee market goes back to looking like if you put us out of business. If you take advantage of us and we give up, you're gonna pay through the nose once we aren't there to keep the other coffee businesses honest.

Mauro Rosselli of Chicago with a little start up company called the Grand Mug out of his apartment at 131 N GREENVIEW AVE APT 2 decided not to pay for his $400 order of unroasted coffee because we messed up his label. Granted, we really did mess up the label, and I wish we hadn't, and we explained what happened and apologized. But he's a wholesale customer and we literally sell coffee to him at our cost and he runs a little company that we've been helping him try to get it off the ground and grow it into a real business. He even has Matt's cell phone number and called him up at 8pm at home and had a pleasant conversation and then the next day sent in an email saying he didn't feel appreciated as a customer because we hadn't sent his tracking number as soon as it had shipped (we shipped his order same day) and that he shouldn't have to pay for coffee that has the wrong label on it (no, you do still have to pay for it). Seriously? You have the business owner's phone number, you call him at home at night, he talks to you, splits bags of coffee with you, and then you feel like you aren't appreciated as a customer and you don't pay for your order? When you said you didn't want to pay for the coffee, we sent you a prepaid mailing label to return it and give you a full refund, but you didn't return it. If you keep the coffee, you kind of need to pay for it. But you kept it, and you didn't pay for it, and that's just not how you grow a business. You're not going to make it dude. Hopefully the next time you have that level of service and privilege with a company trying to help you out, you'll be smart enough not to throw it away. You really need to grow up Mauro. You make really bad choices. When someone is trying to help you succeed at business and give you a break, maybe don't steal from them and whine at them. Just sayin'

Most of our customers send us complements and thank you's and appreciation. Of course when you send out 7000 packages a month you're gonna run into a couple people every month who are mentally unstable, crooks, have lost their mind and complain about the silliest things and steal from us and try to destroy our souls. I wish you could see how much we care and how much passion we put into your orders. The balance of frantic work and perfection that occurs to find these coffees, roast them multiple times until we nail the sweet spot and start churning it out, taste them over and over, sleepless nights, stressful days, our same day fulfillment rate is 99.91% which is unbelieveable. We are on the top 1% shops on Shopify (which has over 1,000,000 legitimate ecommerce businesses) Our return customer rate is 84% which is unheard of off the charts (industry average is 45%!!!) we are tired, pushing our limits, excited about what we are sending you. drawing you pictures,  writing you jokes, feeling loved, loving you back. and then someone like Robert Scharp complains or steals from us, something that we had poured our heart, emotion, life into, and it's really hard to brush that off. A snowflake like Mauro whines and doesn't want to pay for his order, and you want to hate his generation, but its not fair to judge everyone off of one bad egg. The next of you remind us why we are here, and we take a breath and smile and reassure each other and keep working our butts off for you. It is sad to see people in the coffee industry act like them.

We've got a great crew who are happy to be here and love what they do. They all could be at home on unemployment, hiding under their bed, taking the free extended unemployment money while complaining and lying and trying to steal from companies who are working tirelessly. But we have passion, work ethic, human ethics. We have a love for life and coffee and bravely show up and work even harder than normal to get all of your orders out. We charge you 50 to 70% of the price that every other company would charge you for the same thing because we believe in our mission and want to share our love of coffee with you. We know our coffee is what keeps you getting out of bed too. Please don't call at 6am for a tracking number. If you have a simple question, just shoot us an email, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please don't steal from us. Don't lie to us -- we've been doing this for 10 years and have seen it all -- you're not going to fool us. Please be a reasonable normal human. We are humans too. We want to do you right, we want to make the world a better place, and we are all in this together. We want you to support us so that we can support farms and sustainable practices and fair working humane conditions around the world and make the coffee industry better from the ground up. We want our spirit of love and passion to be transparent and contagious. We want you to pass it on. Love the coffee, and love your neighbor, and be a decent human. Make your mug happy. Drink coffee, be happy. Don't be a bad human.



  • I have enjoyed many pounds of coffee from Happy Mug. The folks here are friendly and honest, and they have great prices! I only wish I had posted this sooner.

    Keep up the great work! Much appreciated.

    Steve K
  • Even though they say “the customer is always right” I love that you understand that lying dishonest customers are very wrong and need to be called out. Thank you for caring and for being so dependable and amazing. Don’t let the few bad people get you down. There are a lot of us who love you and need you to stay strong and keep doing the work of God. Stay strong and do good and stay healthy.

    Michael S
  • Just wanted to say as a small business owner I completely feel your pain. And also give you guys a huge THANK YOU for consistently providing not only incredible coffee and an unbelievable value, but delivering it with remarkable service to boot! The value proposition you bring to market is unmatched, by a longshot.

    Luke Pearl
  • Hi Matt!

    I just want to write and say that I LOVE your coffee and love it so much that I will not buy coffee from any other brand or from anywhere else but only from the Happy Mug Website. Please do not let a few bad apples spoil your mood. I myself use to work in retail and believe me, I dealt with some of the most negative people who no matter what, couldn’t be helped. As bad as dealing with negative people, I do know that they didn’t have the power to change me. Plus, I feel bad for those people you banned as they will never have the luxury of purchasing your coffee again as it is their loss; not yours.

    As for me, I know that I couldn’t live with out your coffee as the quality of your coffee is incomparable. I love the freshness and aroma of your coffee. You have an incredible coffee business that can’t be compared. I mean that too.

    You have the best quality of coffee and tea as well as the best prices so do know that you have some very loyal Customers here (including me) that isn’t going anywhere but to the Happy Mug.

    I just wanted to write and share this you.

    Thank you so much for going out on your way for us and we hope that you and your crew stay safe as well as happy. (Prayers being sent to the crew that is sick).
    Stay safe, strong, and healthy, happy, and especially Blessed always.

    Griselda I. Calderon. 😊❤️

    Griselda Calderon
  • Hey Matt. Procrastinating here at 7am in Denver and for some reason I clicked the blog section of your website. I usually go to your site, order coffee, and leave, but for whatever reason I thought I’d read a few of these entries. Been buying your coffee for a while now, and love it. Recommended you to a few people and they’re loyal customers now as well. Just wanted to say that I appreciate what you do and am always stoked to see the FedEx truck arrive on the block with my coffee! Keep up the good fight, my man! Tell your crew this customer appreciates all of them and the hard work they do! Don’t let a few bad apples get you down. Those types of people are out there and always will be. It’s “the cost of doing business” and you can’t fix them! So press on and take those hits in stride!

    Clarence Fullard

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