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Strong & Gentle Bear Blend

Bear Blend


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This is a blend of 100% Uganda coffee, but some of it is roasted dark, some of it light, and then blended together to provide you with a mug of coffee that is both full bodied, rich, and strong flavored, yet so gentle and sweet and smooth.

This is a coffee that will wake you up from hibernation and ward off grumpiness.

A black bear is a powerful creature that can overturn rocks and roll logs around the forest, but rarely attacks other creatures and generally minds its own business. It can smell birdseed from a mile away. (you can smell this coffee brewing from a room away). It can survive in the cold of Pennsylvania’s winters. (This coffee can help you survive the coldest of days as well.)

When you live in the midst of a big forest, you need a coffee as strong and rugged as your homestead. So from one forest dweller to another, I hope you enjoy bear blend.


Uganda Bugisu FTO Tasting Notes: Balanced, Strong Body, Gentle Taste 

Vincent S
Bear Blend Is Love, Bear Blend Is Life

I'm not a coffee snob, but I absolutely love this coffee. Happy Mug has so many different options, I rotate through varieties every time I order, but Bear Blend is my one constant.
Smooth, pleasant, easy-going. An everyday kind of coffee, and I'm happy to have it every day.

    Possibly my all around favorit coffee

    This coffee is awesome! I am in charge of making the coffee at my church and I use this stuff a lot. I get tons of compliments on it and it has a great aroma as well. Some people have said that when I make the coffee the whole church is full of the aroma and it makes them want coffee for the entire service.

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      Bear Blend

      Bear Blend

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