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Ethiopia Coffee Sampler (1.25 LB)

Ethiopia Flight (1.25 LB)


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This is for 5 bags of coffee -- 1/4LB each.   They are all from Ethiopia but consist of different growing regions and processing methods.  After drinking through these beans you will have a better understanding of which Ethiopian regions you prefer.  You will receive one bag each of Ethiopia Harrar, Sidamo, and Halo Bariti, and two Ethiopia Yirgacheffes (one natural, one washed).  

After trying all five of these coffees you will no doubt see that they are related to each other, but also see the differences.  This is due to different processing methods, different varietals grown in those regions, and different altitude and soil.  But all are delicious!  We hope you enjoy exploring this set as much as we did putting it together.


--Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed Processed -- Yirgacheffe is perhaps the most famous region for growing coffee in Ethiopia.  Yirgacheffes are known for being citrus and tea like.  This one is from the esteemed Misty Valley mill and has the classic lemondrop candy and a matcha green tea undertone, in addition to complexity of flavors like kiwi and jasmine.  The mouthfeel is on the thin side which is normal for washed process Ethiopians. 

--Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Processed -- This one is the same coffee bean from the esteemed Misty Valley mill, but because it was sundried (Natural Process) instead of washed, it has a creamier thicker mouthfeel, and an intense fruity flavor of sour cherry and blood orange.

--Ethiopia Halo Bariti Natural Processed -- Halo Bariti is a co-op that markets themselves as being a Yirgacheffe, but in fact they are growing heirloom wild varieties of coffee on land that is Southwest of the Yirgacheffe region.  We think the blueberry and raspberry undertones in this coffee are fascinating! 

--Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Processed -- Sidamo is South of Yirgacheffe and is often characterized with strawberry and chocolate undertones.  The one we bought this year is very fruity and sweet, with undertones of strawberry, apricot, and watermelon hard candy.  It has a "juicy" mouthfeel.

--Ethiopia Harrar Natural Processed -- The most expensive bean in this set-- farmers in Harrar grow the mokka varietal which is low yielding and only grows successfully in Ethiopia and Yemen.  Famous for its distinct blueberry and milk chocolate notes, Harrar coffee is almost exclusively bought up by Saudi princes who bid and pay whatever it takes to buy up the harvests each year.  We found the Hambela Estate right on the edge of Harrar, growing mokka varietal beans that match the Harrar profile exactly.  You'll smell the blueberries as soon as you grind it, and taste it instantly with the first sip.  Creamy milk chocolate in the finish leaves you happy and satisfied.

To keep production efficient, we can only offer this set as whole bean. Even though the dropdown box says 1LB you are getting 1.25 pounds. 

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Ethiopia Flight (1.25 LB)

Ethiopia Flight (1.25 LB)

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