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Costa Rica La Minita

Costa Rica La Minita


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Snuggled in the lush mountains of Costa Rica lies a utopia: a school, hospital, and clean water on the world’s most meticulously tended coffee plantation. The workers are well-trained and provided for, and you can taste their passion in every cup. With a cupping score of 92 and better, this is often nominated as the world’s finest coffee: smooth, mellow, and light, enveloping you in flavor – is there a better way to start the perfect day?

This coffee beats Extra Fancy Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain in side by side taste tests. It has a mild smooth entrance with only slight acidity.  Smells fantastic, setting the mood with fruit and flowers wafting up at you.  The floral and fruity flavor turn into subtle undertones of wheat and dark chocolate by the end of the sip.  A great aftertaste that lingers in the right way. It has personally been one of my favorite coffees for years, partly because it's so easy to roast, such perfect beans, and so consistent year after year.  It might just be the planet’s most perfect coffee.

The farm is officially Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means the farm adheres to strict guidelines on such things as shade trees, soil erosion, pollutants, wildlife habitat, etc.  A couple years ago the RFA committee came in to do a study to see what the farm would have to change to gain certification, and they realized the La Minita farm would not have to change ANYTHING to qualify for certification — they were already farming with responsible practices that exceeded the RFA guidelines.  So now the stamp is on the bag, and it’s all official.

 Costa Rica Tarrazu La Minita Estate Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle, Rose Hips, Lemon, Smooth, Cocoa Aftertaste

Robert Z

I don’t know that I’ve had a light roast with such flavor and body. I really enjoyed this one!

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Costa Rica La Minita

Costa Rica La Minita

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