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Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry


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The Kimel Estate is one of the country's success stories, and there is a lot to feel good about supporting these farmers.  They are rewarded for the labor and skill and care they put into growing us such great coffee every year.  They use strictly organic farming methods.

Many commercial roasters release this one as a medium roast, but I much prefer it light.  It tastes nothing like most Indonesian coffees and reminds me more of a Kenya Peaberry than of an Indonesian.

If you roast it like a Kenya -- just a few degrees darker then an Ethiopian -- the beans have a strong beautiful berry aroma and sweet juiciness (orange juice!) with clean aftertaste and slight buttery mouthfeel with medium body.  There is a sparkling acidity up front.  For me, taking it to Full City (not yet into the 2nd cracks but close to them) flattened out the taste and made it less interesting.  But if you get it all the way to the rolling 2nd cracks, or even darker then that, it's a fantastic dark roast with spicy, sweet, and cedar tasting notes.  

This is one of the nicest Papua New Guineas you will find, and so you probably shouldn't blend it, but this bean DOES make great blends when you pair them with something darker like a Sumatra or Guatemala, and also really nice with a light or medium Ethiopia.

I don't carry peaberries too often because peaberries are tough to roast if you have a drum roasters like a hot-top or gene-cafe.  It takes extra heat to roast a peaberry, and its tough to draw enough electricity to keep the bean up to the roasting curve (try faking out the machine and putting in less than a full batch, or else preheating the drum and starting the roast before dropping in the coffee).  But if you have an air roaster (popcorn popper, Behmor, I-roast, etc) this bean won't give you any trouble.   It's also great for roasting on an iron skillet because the beans are roly-poly.  

Only about 5% of a crop is peaberry, so they are sorted out and sold at a premium, but even so there's just not that much of it to go around.  I find a lot of peaberries don't really live up to the hype and aren't worth the extra hassle of roasting them differently, but I always get a few bags of this one each year because it's one of the really good ones.  

 This bean arrived in USA 1-2016!   Back in 2010 Coffee Review gave it a score of 90.  I would suggest that in the past few years it has been at least that high of quality, perhaps nicer.  

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Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry

Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry

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