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Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra Mandheling


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This fresh crop of Sumatra Mandheling FTO has all the characteristics you would expect -- low acid, flashes of bitter with sweet, bourbon-like complexity, herbal notes, spice, smooth, rich, not musty, great lingering aftertaste.  This is grade 1 Sumatra but don't expect that to mean that the beans will look pretty.  Sumatra Mandheling is not sorted by size, and you will find the broken beans and defects that are typical for this coffee.   But don't judge a bean by it's unroasted appearance!  Sumatra Mandehling is our 2nd best selling coffee every year, and we always keep it in stock.  The rich full body in darker roasts make it a crowd favorite, and this lot has a nice balance of flavor and earthy notes.  Take it dark and you get complexity, body, and smoky characteristics with tobacco and hints of spices and roots.  Keep it more of a medium roast and you get sweeter and more pronounced herbal notes (think sasaparilla root or licorice root).  Blend the two roasts together if you want, and that works too.  Sumatra coffee is inherently one of the easiest to roast; it is very forgiving and has so much body that you get a decent cup no matter what you do to it. 

I like it roasted about 40 seconds into second cracks (20 seconds into rolling 2nds) where you get a rich dark dessert coffee, but you can go darker still, and you can certainly go lighter. It’s really hard to produce a “bad roast” of Sumatra. Put it in your espresso to give it body. Drink it all day and don’t worry about heartburn — it’s very low acid.  The beans will not all be an even color, but this is due to the wet-hulled processing that most Indonesian coffees go through.  You'll see some lighter shades and darker shades, but it is perfectly normal with wet-hulled beans.

Sumatra has two pickings a year, but the crop coming up is late, which has squeezed the market.  There won't be new Sumatra on the market until May, and prices will be high until the new crop arrives. 

USA arrival: August 2017

Christopher M
One of our favorites

My wife and I love this Sumatra Mandheling. We usually roast it just into the 2nd crack and enjoy the slightly darker flavors that come through. The low acidity helps make a delicious aero press or pour-over. I did notice the slight difference in colors, so it was good to read that that is normal and definitely didn't affect the taste in any way.

    Roast issues

    I haven't had a chance to test it yet but I'm getting the same experience as Nick. I'm having trouble hearing any of the cracks and the roast seems really uneven. I've read that this can be the case with some Sumatrans but this bean has been much harder to roast then any other one I've tried.

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    maybe you'll have better luck than me

    I don't know why, but i cannot get this coffee to roast evenly and no matter how dark or light I take it it tastes woody. Not "earthy," woody. to me it tastes like their might be a defect in the bean because I cannot get it to taste good on my Behmor.

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    Sumatra Mandheling

    Sumatra Mandheling

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