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Bigfoot Espresso

Bigfoot Espresso Blend


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This blend of three different roasts creates a legendary shot of espresso -- creamy and sweet, with undertones of vanilla and caramel.   This blend of natural processed and washed process coffees is specially formulated for espresso machines.  

Grind this espresso a little finer than you usually would and pull it slightly long to really bring out the maximum sweetness.  

We are quite excited about this blend.  It is the elusive shot of espresso that we have been searching for, and we are happy to share it with the world!

Bigfoot Espresso: Creamy, Vanilla, Rose, Caramelized Sugar, Chocolate Aftertaste


I picked up a sample of this coffee and had my first cups today. Very satisfied. This coffee has nearly zero bitterness as described. This coffee did very well in my automatic espresso machine and was very flavorful with good creme. I will surely buy this in the future..
*Criticisms: It's not as full-bodied as you might expect for an espresso roast, I found I had to use more coffee to get the density I usually prefer. however, if this is the trade-off for this smooth and unusually low bitter coffee I don't mind the slight adjustment in my machine :). I really like this roasting company and I am excited to try all their work!

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Bigfoot Espresso Blend

Bigfoot Espresso Blend

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