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Uganda Bugisu AA FTO Co-op

Uganda is right in the same climate as the world-renowned Ethiopia and Kenya coffees, but Uganda has the disadvantage of being landlocked, and thus must co-operate with competing countries to get its coffee to port.

The 23-year-old war in Uganda, although now officially over, was one of the world’s biggest tragedies. The “Lord’s Resistance Army” kidnapped children and sent them into civil war against the very villages they were born into. Uganda is a country where witch doctors still exist, and kidnap and kill children to use their body parts in their potions. It is listed as one of the top 10 dangerous countries in the world. It is a place where you would be wise to have a body guard to protect you, and be wise to bribe your body guard with extras lest he steal from you.

But yes, the war is over, and Uganda is a country of deep perseverance and determination.  The country holds a special place in my heart. I know firsthand that many families depend on selling coffee to put food on their table. In fact, some 90% of the country’s exports is coffee, and some 3 million people depend on it for their survival. It is a wild, beautiful land, where the world’s largest waterfall Victoria Falls flows, and where rhinocerouses and giraffes roam around.

Most of Uganda’s coffee crop is Robusta, and much of the crops are still of poor quality due to lack of processing technology or education, but the best arabica coffee in the country comes from the region of Bugisu, in the mountains near Mt. Elgon and Victoria Falls. Bugisu also holds claim to the majority of the organic-certified coffee, and is grown by a fair-trade certified group.

Even though Kenya is right beside Bugisu, do not expect a taste anything like Kenya. Uganda’s coffee tastes more like an Indonesian — a full body, low acidity, and sometimes an earthy aftertaste — but the 2013 crop has come in exceptionally sweet and clean. Uganda is having a stellar year, and I am excited to be able to offer you Uganda’s finest coffee. Enjoy it in Happy Mug Bear Blend.