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Memorable Nicaragua

Nicaragua Matagalpa Selva Negra Estate

This coffee bean is sold as “Memorable Nicaragua” and is also the bean we use for our flavored coffee.

Central and South American coffees are the most widely drank coffees in the world, and boast the “traditional coffee taste” that most people are used to. Within Nicaragua is a large region known as Matagalpa. Full of breathtaking mountains, cliffs, and rivers, and a climate of “eternal spring, ” Matagalpa is a beautiful land. Way up on a mountain, surrounded in volcanic soil, lies the Selva Negra estate. This estate is entirely self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. It is owned by an American family, but unlike many foreign landowners who are greedy and take all the profits, this estate is committed to making a better life for the workers. It takes the profits from this coffee every year and invests it into housing, an on-site medical clinic, schooling, clean water, and activities such as a baseball team and holiday parties. Every part of the coffee bean is used in some way, and the focus on sustainability means that they grow the coffee under shade trees (certified shade-grown), are bird-friendly (certified bird-friendly by the Smithsonian Institude), and use only organic composts and organic pest controls (certified organic by the USDA). The processing mill uses 40 times less water than most coffee mills, and the water it does use is recycled. The farm even generates its own solar and wind energy.

The taste of this coffee reflects the care put into it. It’s rich with flavor and full of life. We roast it fairly lightly to give it a nutty aroma, medium acidity, and a velvety chocolate aftertaste. It’s a coffee you can drink all day and feel good about it.